The designs and inspiration for this line all come from designer Shira McManus. Completely self taught, jewelry design has always been second nature to Shira, whose been designing and creating jewelry since she was sixteen. In 2011, ready to turn her beloved hobby into a full time gig, Shira quit her day job and hasn't turned back since.  Now living in Austin, TX with her hubby and baby girl, her home serves as a constant creative influence on her ever evolving designs.  The Shira Melody collection can now be found in over 300 retailers nationwide.  Some call it luck, some call it timing.  We call it the stars being aligned and Shira working her little tush off for over 5 years!  

 The goal of this jewelry line is to provide on trend accessories at an affordable price to every fashion lover out there.  The line combines vintage themes with a modern twist, using affordable metals and stones to create a wearable collection that is truly timeless. Each piece is made to be layered together with the other pieces in the collection, or with pieces you already have in your own closet. 

Shira Melody Jewelry Retailers